Mitchell: QuestMature

 My hand was almost robotic as I put my hand on top of Brett's. Elena, Mistle, Defiant and Aphrodite all did the same. I could never turn down a quest.

 "So," I said. "What's the quest?" I asked, looking directly at Aphrodite.

 "Well, essentially, we're going to go to find my mother." She explained. I nodded.


 They all started planning, so I sat down on a log, and stared at the charred body of the man who I used to trust. I never found out his name. Oh well.

 "His name was Matt. Well, Matthew, but, you know..." Elena said, walking over to me.


 "I can read minds, remember?" she said, sitting down next to me.

 "Oh, yeah. What else did you find out about him?" I asked, really interested, now.

 "Well, I know that he really hated you. He knew you before he even met you. That's why he turned you. So that you could build a bond with him, and then he could kill you. He would've loved it. He wanted to see the shock and the sadness in your eyes as he killed you."

 "Thanks...I think..." No guilt, what so ever for killing that bastard. "Was there anything else that you could find out?" I asked.


The End

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