Aphrodite- Time to make friends again...Mature

I walked off towards the forest where I saw Mistle, Defiant and Elena. Right. Time to make friends again...Breath in...out...in.....out....You can do this. Be the real you. Even though I don't know who that is yet.

As I got closer, I saw Mistle sitting by a tree with Defiant. She looked like she was crying or something? On the left of them was Elena. I approched Mistle first because I have a bad past with Elena..."Hey guys. Are you okay Mistle?" She looks up at Defiant, then back at the floor. "She's fine.", he reply's for her. "No offence, but why are you talking to us?"

Breath in....out....in....just ask them....cmon. ASK. "Well...I want to make a fresh start and find out who I really am, you know what I mean? I'm fed up of being the bitchy pretty girl. I want to be the intellegent, fun pretty girl. So...I was wondering if you guys wanted to come with me...to find my parents? I know that you don't like me probably, but I want to change and I want new friends. Coz you guys seem really cool..." I cant believe I just said that.

"Wow....wasn't expecting that.", says Defiant. "Well..It's up to Mistle. I'll go wherever she wants me to."

I looked at Mistle who was smiling at me. "Sure. I believe people can change. And it will be fun to get out of here for a while", she laughs. This time I smile. Was that real? Did she just say yes? "Hey people!" Oh...I know that voice. I turn around and Elena, Brett and Mitchell are standing next to a big tree stump to the left of me. "Hey Elena! Guess where me, Defiant and Aphrodite are going?", a happy Mistle says. "Where? And why with Aphrodite?" I studed Elena's face when she said my name. This is the big challenge. "Well Aphrodite just asked us to come on a sort-of quest with her. And I believe she wants to change her ways?", she reply's, looking at me. I just nod.

"Oh....", Elena looks at me weirdly, "Can we come?" That shocked me even more than Mistle's answer. "Erm...sure...", I say back, still in shock. "COOL!", shouts Mistle.

"So I guess that means me and Mitch are coming?, Brett asks me. I laugh again. "Yea I guess." He then puts his hand in the middle of all us. Mitch automatically puts his hand on-top, followed by Elena, next Mistle, Defiant, and finally me. This is gunna be great.

The End

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