Mistle - Crying pastMature

"What do you think!" i snapped angrily "just look at me! i am a total mess, and sitting by a tree in a place that to me looks like Iceland! And on top of that i look like a giant freak on legs" i stare at him angrily then quickly hide my face again as Defy steps back shocked at my anger", i sigh deeply, and look back up at him "i am sorry it’s hard to control my emotions right now", Defy nods forgivingly, "how?..." he pauses "why are you like this?" and i finally stand up.

i tower above him, and realising exactly how tall i am i crouch down to talk to him "a few lucky veelas in my family carry the gene" i say sarcastically, he looks at me confused, i sigh, "ok this is incredibly confusing but i will give you the rough outline, my mum is a Veela and my dad was a werewolf with the power to control earth, which is where i of course, got my powers from. my great grandmother on my mother’s side was a VERY powerful Veela and, kind of like a werewolf, whenever she got really, really angry she would change into.... this" i say gesturing to myself,

"well can’t you just stop... it or something?" defy asks, i shake my head, "no this is planted in me forever" Defy smiles "well... this is a really good though isn’t it? you can defend yourself and stuff much more!" i look at him deeply and painfully say "my grandmother killed, my dad and my sister Defy and loads of other innocent people" the smile on Defy’s face drops "oh" he says, i look down at the floor and catch glimpse of my refection in Defys sword, "give me your sword a minute" i demand.

 "ummm... you know i can’t" i sigh and realise what he means, "just hold it up then" he pulls his sword out and holds it in front of me, i gasp, i look  just like her, my grandmother that is. It’s almost impossible to describe what i look like, a giant wasp maybe, with legs, wings, pointy ears and a pointy beak? i look like a giant over grown goblin, i look horrible. I decide that it is probably time go back and see Elena and Mitchell and make sure they are ok, i faze back into my Mistle self, and me and Defy run back to Elena and Mitchell who are still fighting that guy, Elena reads my mind and straightaway knows everything i told Defy. We sit down by a tree and i breakdown and cry once more into his arms.

The End

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