Mitchell: StrengthMature

 Mistle ran away, hiding her face, but I couldn't care less. I got up, slowly, due to the pain, and glared at the man.

 "Hey..You!" I stuttered panting from the pain. he whirls around, sneering evilly. I approach him, my strength slowly coming back. When I felt good enough, I ran full pelt towards him. It took me four nano-seconds to reach him.

 He tried to punch and kick me, but I was too fast. He ended up hitting the air that was left in my place. He seemed to get angrier and angrier. I just got more and more exhilarated.

 Suddenly, lightning twirled around him, shocking him to the floor. I turned to see Elena standing there, her arm outstretched.

 "Defy said it was my turn," she stated, smiling. She walked towards him, slowly, as if to make the pain last longer.

The End

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