Defy: WellMature

Mistle disapears the noise is distanted away from us. I get up in a flash my blade held at the mysteryious vampires neck. He goes to move but flames flash from my  blade and shoot him into the tree.

" Don't even try to escape or move. My sword will spill your blood elegantly blood sucker." I sneer  then kick his chest winding him. I turn around , Elena is getting up , with her other vampire friend. 

" He is all yours." I motion to her and kick him hard, " Don't get too cocky, I'm not sure about the others but I can destroy you."  I threaten as Elena  electrocute him.

" You better go look for Mistle." She tells me.

" Just working on that, Man she can run far for such a short period of time." I mention.

I stab the ground and Pillar of earth elevates me above the tree line. My eyes pierce the surrounding enviroment.  It takes me a few minuts but I finally found a close whereabouts of Mistle. I quickly find her. She looks different yet similar, she was crying. 

" Hey, Mistle , uh , whats wrong?" I can't see her face she brought it up to her knees hiding it, " Are you okay?"

The End

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