Mistle - what have i become!?Mature

Elena bolts off in a blur, i turn to Defy confused then hear a loud scream, and a cry for help, oh my gosh i whisper to myself...

Defy looks at me "it probably just another fight, there are plenty of them in this school", i look away thinking deeply, "No... that was most defiantly a real scream" i faze into my cheetah form and quick as lighting i chase after the scream, i can hear Defy behind me struggling to keep up with my determined pace, i dare not look back and keep a firm grasp on the small screech that is fading away from me, finally i am there, i arrive in a field, a wasted field, to find Mitchel lying on the floor panting for breath, and another vampire on the floor having just a minor heart attack due to Elena's bolts of lightning fired at his chest, who is steaming, standing in front of him.

 "Elena!" i scream as Elena is about to attack again "wait, stop!" i rush over to Elena and stand in front of her putting my hands on her cheeks and calming her down with my veela eyes. "stop..." i pant all out of breath, Elena seems to calm, but as soon as i let go of her, she looks at the man on the floor then to the sobbing Mitchel and her anger builds up just as fast as it cooled down, she goes to punch the man right in the chest, but this time the vampire was prepared for it and hit her off into a nearby tree.

 "that’s what you get when you go barging into others peoples business you blue haired bitch!" he shouts after her, i glare at him with what he mistakes as daring eyes "what are you looking at princess?!" and he walks over to me pushing me to the floor, Defy pulls out his sword ready to attack when a loud ringing noise fills the whole forest and everyone falls to the floor in pain clasping their ears, i raise up from the ground and stand before the man anger growing inside me so much that it hurts. I glow, i literally glow and everyone has to look away. I faze, into a body that is much like my own but also very different... it’s no animal that i know of, then i realise what i have become and i fall back to floor, everyone is staring at me in shock.

 i look around through eyes i have never look through before. My body is so angry it wants to pound the vampires face in with my new hands, but a clear memory of what happened in my past flashes in my mind and i run, i run so fast.

 i try to run away from my new body, but i just can’t, i scream out loud a loud ringing in my ears, what is happening to me!!!??? i am miles away i don’t know where i am, but i know i am not at eclipsing high no more, i sit down and sob in my new body...


The End

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