Elena: This Is What Happens When You Mess With My Mate!Mature

I jump down on Brett, making him fall to the ground. I made my arm covered with electricity and putting it to his throat. I start to laugh. "I win." I whisper down at him.

He grunts, knowing that I've got him. I get off him and thank Mistle and Defy. Defy nods. He really doesn't like me does he? I can hear Brett moving behind me. I turn and kick him, sending into a tree. I laugh at him. "Oh great and powerful one, has the little grasshopper beaten you?" I ask laughing. He gets up and smiles at me them dissapears in a puff of smoke.

Suddenly strong arms are around my neck. "I win." Brett whispers in my ear. "Cheater, I didn't know you can teleport!" He laughs. "I can't. That was a clone." He laughs and lets go of me. I glare at him. He did cheat!

I open my mouth to have a go at him when a plead enters my head. Mitchell! I run towards his cries for help. God, I've gotta find him! I run as fast as I can, my heart nearly coming out of my chest.

There he is! I send bolts of electricity after his attacker. "You mess with my mate, you mess with me!" I snarl into the face of the vampire who created Mitchell.

The End

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