Mitchell: PleadingMature

 I clutched at the dirt on the ground, too hurt to move or shout. I then realised that the man wasn't trying to help me. He was trying to hurt me. I could hear him coming, so I tried to scream something, anything, but nothing came out but wheezing.

 The man runs towards me, sneers, and holds me up in the air by the throat. I was pleading with him in my mind. Too bad I couldn't do it out loud. His sneer grew,

 "You know what, Mitch? This was all I created you for. I bet you thought it was all gonna be perfect. Perfection comes at a price," he punched me in the nose, "my friend." He finished.

 I wished so hard that someone would stumble upon us. He raised his hand above my face, about to rip my head off. Literally. Please! I thought.

The End

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