Elena: Surprise Brett!Mature

Brett punchs me and I go flying into a tree. "That hurt!" I say through gritted teeth. He smiles evilly. "It's going to hurt a lot more if you don't learn to fight properly." I roll my eyes.

I stand up. "You keep saying that but you never teach me anything!" He shakes his head. Anger is fuming inside of me. "I am teaching you. You just have to look at what I'm doing." I throw myhands up in the annoyed. "You've got to do something unexpected. Something that I won't ..." He moves about, thinking about the right word to use. I roll my eyes again and run off towards Mistle and a Blade's thoughts.

I laugh as I run through the forest. I can hear him coming after me.

I run around the place where Mistle and the Blade are talking.They're leaning towards each other. Eww; they're gonna kiss. Their lips are inches apart, perfect time to do a little mentle call.

Oit lovebirds! Wanna help me get a dude that's after me?

I can feel their confusion as they look around for me. "Elena?" Mistle's voice travels to my ears. "Where are you?" I jump down from the oak tree I was in, making the teenagers jump. The Blade pulls out his sword. I roll my eyes at him. "Blade, there's no need to use that against me. I'm not gonna do anything bad. Well, not to you two anyway."

"What do you want us to do El?" I smile at Mistle. Guess I've got another nickname, Elena Summers aint just blue biatch no more. I say my plan mentally in both of their minds. I can sense Brett getting closer and I need them to understand quickly. Mistle looks at the Blade who shrugs, eyeing me strangly. "Good. You understand. Look he's coming now so if you two can..." My voice trailed off. "Of course we will! Won't we Defy?"

"If you want to." He mumbles. Man, he really ain't happy with me for braking up their kissing. Oh well. "He's coming." I say and jump back into the tree I came from. This is gonna be good! Total surprise!

Brett runs to Mistle and Defy. He looks confused and glares at them. "Where is she?" Defy glares back at him. "Where's who?" Mistle asks innocently. Brett growls. "Elena. Where is she?" Mistle and Defy look at each other and shrug. "Why do you want her?" Defy asks. C'mon Blade, don't let me down!  "She ran away from me." Brett says through gritted teeth.

He's giving up! Time to make my surprise attack!

The End

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