Defiance- his problemMature

Mistle drags me by linked arms into the forest. To hide away from curious ears. 

" Alright now tell me, who , and what was up with that guy?" Mistle demands. I guess I already promised I would tell so tell I will.

" Who he is? Well he happens to be an officer named Darren who keeps Blades in line. We have an awful habit of killing eachother to show skills off, or we simply like to..." I trail off in thought to find how I should put this.

" Like to what?" Mistle asks me

" Like to well let me rephrase. Tend to give our sword over to non-blade beings. As you already know our life source. Sometimes the sword falls into the wrong hands then not only do we have a spy in our midst but perhaps a being that knows our weaknesses." I explain.

" Why."

" Out of love." I say, with slight hurt.

" Is that why he attacked, did you love someone,and... ?"

" No, nothing do with me but more of my parents did ....."

" What did they do?"

"Something completely different. They, I can't exactly explain but somehow made a being that was like a blade in every way except seperated from the sword. Now your probably thinking thats not a bad thing.right?"

She nods.

" Its bad because they must have found the means of weaking a blade. Which they think they killed blades to find that answere. and to make things worse Blades are disapearing left right and center. My parents fled, hid away from it all. They decided that I will remain in this paranoid society. Darren was sent here to keep an eye on me, or was hoping to get my parents location out of me. I'm not sure who to side with. Anyways enough about me. We are late for class. Do want to skip the rest or actually eventually go there?" I say looking deeply into Mistle's dark green eyes, and I noticed something, something that scared me but at the same time I couldn't resist falling towards it. 

The End

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