Mitchell: IrresistableMature

 The scent blew under my nose, which was sniffing intently, trying to find the delicious, delectable, mouthwatering smell. I followed it into the woods, walking gracefully, and quickly. My sense of smell completely took over; I wasn't moving my body, my body was moving itself.

 I got into a clearing which was probably once beautiful, but was now a dry, barren wasteland. It was completely empty, apart from a girl lying on the grass, clutching a horrible gash in her leg. She looked about my age, and was very pretty. But the only part of my mind that I was paying attention to was the sense of smell, and my hunger, which only grew with the scent of the dark, crimson blood that oozed from the wound.

 My eyes probably looked wild whilst I walked gracefully over to the girl, and bent down, as if to check out the wound. She turned around, looked at me, and did a double tack when she saw what I looked like.

 "H-hi" she stuttered, gasping from the pain. I frowned,

 "Hi." I replied, and my voice enticed her, as if she was hypnotized. She sub-consciously leant an inch closer to me.

 "Could you help me? I tripped on something metal. Or glass." She explained. I nodded and leant down, as if to take a closer look. When she couldn't see what I was doing, I opened my mouth, about to suck the blood. But the girl groaned, and I heard a thud from behind me. I turned to see that the girl had been knocked out, by the man in the alley. The person who turned me into a vampire.

 He grabbed me by the neck, and I tried to fight back with all my might, but he was faster, and smarter. He managed to throw me far into the forest. Then he disappeared, and came back again. The scent was gone.

The End

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