Elena. - Rushing Thoughts.Mature

"I don't need to learn to fight." I say, my arms across my chest. Brett rollshis eyes at me.

"You're too easyto work out. And you're weak." I ball my fists and electrcity sparks around me. "You need to learn to control your emotions." I growl and got to punch him. He catches my hand easily and pushes me against the tree.

He is close to me,making sure I can't move. "See what I mean. Weak." I growl and headbut him. He lets go of me and falls back. He looks back at me and smiles. I scowl at him with my purple eyes.

I can tell others are in the woods. It's that girl Mistle and the Blade. Their thoughtsrush into my head so fast it hurts like hell. I scream out in pain. Oh god, why does this hurt? Brett comes closer to me and puts his hands on my face, blocking out the thoughts. 

I close my eyes and sigh with relief.

I open my eyes to find Breets face close to mine, his eyes closed. He quickly moves away. "Hit me." He says, getting ready for a fight. I sigh as I hear the thoughts getting closer. "Hit me and I'll make the thoughts go away again." I scowl at him but do as he says.

The End

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