Mistle - what was his problem!Mature

"wow, i have never seen a vampire/werewolf before" i say to Defy as the girl Azabel walks off, i turn to Defy conserned "so what was that blades problem? he seemed pretty pissed off with you?" i say, Defy shakes off my question "its a real long story, you dont need to worry about it" he says dismisivaly.

 "fine if you dont want to tell me... dont tell me..." i say walking infront of him fluttering my eyelids and thinking spesial veela thoughts. He looks at me in a trance, gotcha! ok ok, i am useing my powers when i said i wouldnt, but i think there is somthing he is not telling me and i want to know! "ok i will tell you" he finally says reluctantly, "you know you already are incredibaly hard to say no to, you didnt really have to use your powers" he smiles at me, i look at him longingly then realise what he is doing and snap out of it!, "i will bare that in mind, now come on stop distracting me and spill it!" i say linking arms with him and draging him off to the forest where we will be safe from listening ears.

The End

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