Elena. - You What?Mature

I turn and see Brett leaning against my door frame. Oh so now I find him.

"See the fight then?" I asked, walking towards him. "Yep. You need to learn some new things according to your brother."

I gritt my teeth. "He is not my brother." Brett rolls his eyes at me. "He's not! Have you noticed that he has wings and I don't?" I stand in front of him, my hands on my hips. He grabs my arm and pulls me out of my dorm.

I turn back. "Mitchell, my timetable's on the counter." I yell at a confused looking Mitchell. Brett takes me near the forest and stops, not leting go of my arm.

I struggle, trying to get free, but give up soon. He's too strong and it's kinda nice not being able to hear peoples thoughts.

"Come on." He lets go of my arm, peoples thoughts rush into my head. "Shit, that hurts." I mutter, following him into the forest.

He stops in the middle of a clearing. "What are we doing here?" I say, as I massage my temples. "I'm going to teach you how to fight properly."

The End

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