Azabel:the fight between the 2 blades and a earth veelaMature

i watched as the female shapeshifter turns into a elephant and lands on the blade dude squashing him like a pancake then she lets her blade friend take a takes him longer to beat the bad blade but he finally does.

''that was awesome"i yelled coming over to them as i do the bad blade gets up and starts healing then he ran away.i knew they where staring at me with my black hair,eyes,make up,and clothes and my pale skin even paler than a normal vampire.

"thanks"said the earth veela shaking off her shock"my name is mistle and this is defiant"she added pointing to the good blade.

"hello,my name is Azabel,Aza for short"i said shaking there hands.

"so what are you?"asked defiant.

"defy!"mistle scolded him.

"no no,its OK mistle,"i said then i added "I'm a vampire/werewolf".

"OMG  i didn't know that could happen"mistle said.

"well my mum was a werewolf and my daddy was a vampire"i say unwillingly.

"wait did you say was?''defiant asked.

"yes,my mum and daddy where killed by a human hunter,the hunter is dead now because i killed her"i said.

"what was her name?"asked mistle.

"her name was Emily Jones,and the only reason she killed my parents is because her brother was killed by a vampire"i said clinching my fist.

"anyway i gotta go to my dorm room so by see y'all later"i said and left going to my room. All right Aza you cant mess up this time because i like those to kids, i thought as i walked into my 5th new place this year.

The End

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