Aphrodite- WHAT?!Mature

I AM SO ANNOYED! That stupid bitch! How dare she push me around like that! I storm off to my dorm and sit down on my bed. I so need Tabby right now. Suddenly I hear someone giggle. I turn around and find Tabby sitting on her bed. "Tabby! I thought you were in detention?" I run up to her and hug her. "Yeah...I got bored of detention."

"You can't just walk out of detention?" I say. "Nah well." I laugh. She's such a rebel. "So...I saw the fight...that blue haired bitch was way out of order to you! Does she even know who you are? NO. So should she mess with the daughter of Zeus? NO. Ergh. I just wanna smack her round the face." I smile.

"Tab, you always make me feel better. But don't go smack her, then you'll get in even more trouble. " Well she's kinda immune to punishment now...Tabby gets in trouble most days. I love her so much. In a best friend kinda way. "Cmon Aph. Lets go shopping. It'll make you feel better? And they can't punish you because they know your dad funds the school." Well....I guess it will make me feel better..."Okay, you've convinced me. Lets go." I snap my fingers and we are in London. I sigh. "Ahh London. The town of shopping." Then I get a sudden thought. Everyone thinks I'm a stupid, blonde, airhead, who goes shopping every 5 minutes. If they hear I've bunked school for shopping, won't that make them think I am an airhead even more. Knowone knows the real me. Not even Tabby or Tawr. The only one who knows me is my mother. But she left me here. I know what I have to do.

The End

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