Defiant: Flames , and earthMature

His face and appearance begins to heal , that really the most scary thing about us. No matter how many times you blow us two pieces,  cut, beat maul, throw , stab. We come back the same way looking for more.

" Yepp its definetly my turn." My blade comes out of it sheath this time on my own accord.

He takes out his sword and the effects of it ability begin to take place the ground begins to shake and open. He like to say he is the maker of earthquakes. I never truly understood what he controlled.  He swings down making a large crack in the ground leading up to me. I jump to one side and hit his blade which released a line of flames that shot him backwards.  Him slightly burnt he charges forwards the ground seperating benief each and every step he takes. I bat his sword to the side and slice up it was a nice clean bloody cut which let on fire after my blade passed through his skin.

Just as he goes for a strike I flip over him and cut down his back which blast him begind me in a flaming mess but this is not done yet. But it is not done yet. Through the fire he shoots out this time the earth being like an extended blade I block and slide backwards.  I definetly not finishing round two in the speed mistle did it but I'm going to put on a show.  Flames go around my sword like teeth on a chansaw and slice through the earth blade. The flames stop and turns to glaming water . I come down on his blade in an explosion that that I;m sure no one could beat.

The End

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