Mistle- oppsy my badMature

Oh great (i say that a lot don't i??) another fight, i am still recovering from the last one, the guy standing on top of the roof in front of us makes a big leap to the ground and lands with a thud in front of us, i can straight away tell that he means business and he is another blade who is not a friend of Defy’s, Defy reaches for his blade and keeps a firm hand held on it, "what do you want!?" he shouts, the other blade ignores him and walks over to me, "hey beautiful, I’m a friend of Defiant’s and i would love to talk to him alone if that’s ok with you?" he sneers, and pushes me away slightly, it didn’t hurt, but because of my weight i went flying and anger suddenly wooshed up inside me, "NOW THATS IT!!!" i explode right out of the blue, "I AM TIRED OF PEOPLE PUSHING ME AROUND LIKE A DOLL!!" 

he's stunned and i take a charge at him, he gets into a defensive position and laughs assuming that i would be an easy workout, i throw a fist at him and he is thrown backwards, more aware of my strength now, he trys to throw a punch back but i jump out of the way and faze into my favourite animal the white tiger and pounce on him tearing at his skin with my claws, i draw myself back and as he is reaching for his sword, i jump and everything seems to go in slow motion, as i am in the air, just above him, i faze in to an elephant (it was the heaviest animal i could think of at the time) and landed right on top of him, he was totally squished like a pancake, talk about playful fighting, "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW??!!" i grinned whilst still sitting on him, i got up and fazed back into my normal self.

As i stand up i see Defiant gazing at me in shock, "opps I’m sorry... did you want a piece of him as well?" i said apologetically, "yeah" he smiled playfully "you didnt even give me a chance to get my sword out!" we both laugh, until we hear a groan from the once normal looking blade, he gets up, "round 2?" he says through his miss-shapen mouth, in a incredibally freaky way! "your turn" i say tapping Defy on the shoulder " see if you can top mine" i step to the side and wink at him, Defy smiles and looks at his opponent deciding what to do next.

The End

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