Defiant- WowMature

Before Mistle could answere some stupid person transports us all to a rather boring fight.  I already saw my fair share of blood today and really didn't wish to see more of it so I turned around.

" Wow." I say sarcastically, " I don't see how this is any different then not going to school."

Mistle follows after me.

" The next block has something to do with magic." Mistle says

" I see sounds like I'm going for a trip to painville." I mutter

" Wait how would that be painful?" She asks.

" The only way I can use magic is to lessen the connection with my life source which you know is my sword , and depending on what I have done to my body depends on how much pain I feel. Recently I gor dropped out of the sky so my legs should be broken, they however are not. "

" Oh I see." She replies.

As we continue to walk back to the school I see a familiar figure staninf on the roof of the school. Another Blade who I couldn't stand. My hands grab the hilt, this guy better not piss me off.

The End

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