Elena. - Should Of Died.Mature

I look down at my bleeding side. Stupid angel-boy!

"Not so big now." I look up at the cocky face of Aphrodite and hiss at her. She laughs. "As I said before. I'm the queen around here. You're just a little bug to me!" All her mates laugh and I send a couple of bolts of electricity into her. She goes flying. I go over to her scrunched up figure. "Don't ever call me little!" I hiss at her then walk away. Everyone moves out my way. Ha!

I can sense someone walking next to me, heading to my dorm with me. I kick the door open and go and get a drink of water."So Mitchell. Like the fight?" I smiled at him but he frowned, eyes wide, not looking up from my bloody shirt. I roll my eyes and walk past him. I go into my room to change my top. Stupid angel-boy ruining my top!

"That wound would of killed anyone else five minuets ago." Mitchells voice came through my door. I know he's right. "So?" I say opening the door and walking out. I jumped upon to the counter. "Let me see it." I sigh and pull up my new top, showing my wound. I looked down at it. It's healed! No one can tell it was ever there. Cool. "You can't die." A voice behind me says.

The End

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