Wolferaine - Need to learnMature

"I'll take you"

Everyone turns to stare at me lazily leaning against a tree. I straighten up as Elena turns.

She sees me and opens her mouth to speak. "Time to see if you've learned" I say interupting her.

Her whole body crouches. I walk into the fighting plain and stand straight. She fires electricity and it rebounds going off the air shield I created in front of me. I don't even flinch.

Elena bares her teeth and I hear the silence all round. "Try again" I say smiling.

She runs in. I sigh, predictable. She punches left, so I dodge.

Under kick, so I jump slightly taking flight. I bring my fist hard across her face and she stumbles.

She fires electricity and I fire out water making it explode before it hits me. "You really are so predictable" I say smiling but shaking my head.

I was hoping she would have changed her fighting style learned a few new tricks....... seems not.

She runs in. Left, right, Jump. I dodge all of her punches with those three movements. And I think there was about twelve punches.

"Coward you're not even fighting" she says.

"Ah, but its unpolite to beat your little sister to a pulp" I say using the same scentence I always use to.

Something in her snaps into place. "I. Am. Not. Little!" She shouts. Then a bolt of lighting hits me in the stomach close range.

I go flying back but with a flap of my wings come to a stop. She races in and her hand and feet move quickly.

I get one hit to the shoulder and I decide time to fight back. I flick my hand and she goes tumbling back. Vines wrap up round her wrists and ankles. She electricutes them off and I create a ring of fire around her.

Basically in the end I get her in a head lock. Not after getting to electric bolts to the chest and five punches to the chest.

"Hmm, seems you've got better" I say releasing her. "But not good enough to beat me. I'm always one step ahead of you"

Then I turn and fly up into the air. I turn back once high up. "Oh and you'll need to see to that wound" I shout.

She looks down at the gash in her side and curses. I smile shaking my head and fly off back to the school.

Well that was fun.

The End

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