Elena. - Cocky.Mature

I look at the girl who was talking to me earlier. "Sorry but this is a fight. There are no rules." How can you have rules in a fight? That's just stupid! "Excuse me but I'm saying there are rules." I grit my teeth and scowl at her. Okay, she's used to getting her own way but not this time!

"Sorry but I don't listen to plastic." I can hear the students oohing and waiting for a come back. Aphrodite scowls at me. 'What a biatch! How dare she talk to me like that! I hope she loses this fight! Stupid blue biatch!' I glare at the fledgling. She's so gonna pay for thinking that! "Shut up you blue freak! I'm the queen around here and you'll do what I say!" I always bring the worst out in people.

I can hear Shana get ready to attack but I take no notice. She jumps and I send bolts of electrickity her way. It hits her right in the chest, sending her to the floor. Looks like I've won this fight.

I turn back to the crowd of students. I go over to Aphrodite and glare at her shocked face."You were saying?" She starts gulping like a fish out of water. I laugh and look in the crowd. "Anyone else think they can tell me what to do?" Everyone's silent. "No takers?" I say with a evil grin on my face.

"I'll take you." Everyone turns towards the voice, wanting to find out who's next fighting me. I grin and walk back into the fighting grounds. This will be fun.

The End

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