Aphrodite- FightsMature

I was just telling Crayna how I got that text in P.E. when this random guy ran into the hall and shouted at the top of his voice "HEY EVERYONE THERES A FIGHT IN THE FOREST OUTSIDE!!!" Pfft. How nice. Another fight. "Aphrodite!" Why does he know my name? Oh yeah. Everyone knows my name. He runs over to me and gets on his knees, "Aphrodite, Elena says she wants you to get people to come watch, and she wants you to be a sort of referee of the fight. Please come!" He looks at me with puppy dog eyes. "Hmm let me think....", I say. His face drops. Ahaha I love watching peoples expressions when I say that. "Tell her I'll be there in a mo." He suddenly leaps up and smiles at me. Then I watch him run back to Elena.

"Cool a fight." As I said before, Crayna loves violence. She's such a tomboy sometimes. Everyone piles out of the hall and through the big double doors. I snap my fingers and suddenly the whole of our year is transported to the forest. "Right everyone, sit around the edge of the clearing so they have room to fight." I announce. "Erm...Aphy..." I turn around and see the twins staring at me. "Do you mind if we go because were hungry..." Ohh they want to go hunting. "Sure guys. Go for it."

Once everyone has sat down, I start to take control. "Right. There are three rounds. You are not aloud to bite, scratch or gauge. Okay. Are you ready?"

The End

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