Elena. - Fight.Mature

I look at the new vampire and smile. "I don't know what I am. She is Shana Diggory and is a werewolf. She's kinda pissed with me coz I threatened her and made her feel powerless, so she wants to kill me." I say calmly and shrug. I want to get back on with the fight!

"Let go of the wolf Mitchell." He shakes his head. I look to the ground then back at him. "Sorry but you are going to let her go." "No I'm not!" He thinks he can actrually stop this fight. Ha! "Sorry Mitchell." And with that I send some electricity straight to his hand, making him drop Shana. I ignore Mitchell, all my focus is on Shana. She growls at me and I hiss back.

She pounces but I dogde and kick her in the stomache. It's good being able to hear your oppoints thoughts during a fight. I laugh at her as she gets back to her feet. Her eyes deadly. "Dead!" She snarls.

I roll my purple eyes. "You keep saying that yet I'm still here very much alive." She growls and takes a swing, I send bolt after bolt of electricity her way. "C'mon. I've heard so much about you, don't let yourself down."I laugh and walk calmly around her. This is fun!

The End

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