Defiant: YeahMature

She looked down at the floor after a muttering about that I didn't have to eat with her. 

" Hey." I say so I can see her face and to make sure I get eye contact, " Yeah, I would love to sit with you." 

She had beautiful green eyes which was quite different after living around a bunch of silver eyed silvered haired people for so long, I was a little shocked. I quickly turn the shock into a smile. 

"Oh okay." She says and leads the way into the cafeteria which looked like it was overflowing with people , but really it was just a crowd of people who had just finished they're meals. 

" There is a table."  I say and leave a small empty school bag to mark the tables has been taken then we both quickly get through the meal line , and to the table.  I actually paid no attention to the slop that they put on my plate but it didn't look to bad.

" So hey this is my first year here, I lost my schedule , and have no clue whats on for next block , do you have yours?"

The End

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