Mistle- ebarassing, but cute... right?Mature

oh great thats done it! i could feel my cheeks flush bright red at Defys comment and i just had to look away, nothing like a good bit of embarresment to start you first day of school. i had never had someone actually say that to me before, like properly, i mean i know i am a veela but im not the prettist veela i have ever seen.

Just in case you dont know, a veela is supposedly meant to be the prettiest creature around... ever in the world, and we are able to munipulate people with our beauty, and make people do what we want (sort of like the puppy dog eyes you do on your parents) i know i can do it, and i could do it right now if i wanted, send defy into a trance make him powerless, with no opinion but mine, but i dont like to do it, it drains the other person and makes them feel horrible when i am finnished, and i think its wrong to do that, thats why i only use that power of mine at certain times, in case of emergencys.

He looked at me and smiled a incredibly cute smile and i suddenly felt a woosh of confidence grow in me, "do you wanna, umm, come sit with me?" i asked, then quickly refrased "you dont have to of course, if you have other friends to sit with, i mean why would you wanna sit with me..." i stopped, oh Shit! i cant believe i just said that! now im babbling, well this is obvioulsly going to end embarisingly. The confidence had gone and i found myself standing all loose staring at the floor, ashamed to look up. Maybe i should use my power... No, i want to see how this can pan out without the use of my stupid power.

The End

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