Elena. - Wolf Attack.Mature

Okay, that angel-boy is really trying to make me believe him. Me and Mitchell are still in the woods and I'm just staring at where the angel last was.

"Are you okay?" I turn to Mitchell, who wipes his bloody mouth, standing next to me. His electric blue eyes, full of concern. I shrug. "Yeah. That guy's trying to make me believe that he's my brother." My voice is distant and I can feel Mitchells confusion, a thousand questions spinning around his head. I sigh.

"I can't remeber my past. Sometimes I remeber bits of it from visions but not much." I look at him, he's eyes wide. "We should get back to school. You can come to my class." I walkk off and Mitchell follows me. A vision rushes in front of me. I groan. "What?" "Mitchell, go to room 103, we've got science. Say I told you to come okay?" He looks confused. "Okay, the thing about me is that I've got a very short temper, hardly anyone here likes me and I've threatened a werewolf. So basicly, Shana's gonna try and kill me." My words come out in a rush, knowing that my vision is about to come true very soon.

I heard a low growl. I turn towards it. "Go Mitchell." Then the werewolf jumps at me. "Dead!" Shana growled through her werewolf mouth. Man, her breath stinks. I send some electricity towards her legs, she fall. I turn to Mitchell, his eyes bulging. "I said go! This isn't a fight you should see!" I yell at him abut he doesn't move. He points behind me, I turn. Shanas big wolf body pushes me to the ground.

The End

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