Wolferaine - I'm not following youMature

I spot Elena on my way back to the school and stop flying down to stand into a tree. I watch her trying to teach a vampire to go after its meal.

"You're gonna have to eat it boy.... or its blood anyway" I say shrugging. They turn on my and the dear begins to take off. I flick a figer and a vine ties itself around its foot.

I fly over to it and begin to stroke its neck. "Hush" I sigh. It relaxes and I turn and walk back over to the pair.

"If you want my advice don't think" I lean against a tree out of the way. "Just act"

The vampire takes a deep breath then attacks. I look away of course. I don't think the vampire likes the animal's dying scream either.

I look at Elena whose glaring at me. "What?" I say shrugging.

"You're following me"

"I'm no following you" I laugh. "Trust you the one who jumped off the off mount etna to catch a bird think you know anything about following...... you were three by the way"

"I don't remember" she spits.

"Course you don't cause thats who ever did this to you wants..... keep the angel memories at bay. Anything else he or she can let that slide..... Oh, got to go. School time"

I jump into the air with a flap of my wings and don't look back. God, never thought my own sister would forget me.

The End

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