Defiant: HeyMature

The girl didn't look to  happy that I dragged her back into the hall, she tried to read my face. It was kind of funny because I don't tend to exert much emotion on my face just being calm.

" Hey you know there is no need to sneak around, I'm not going kill you or anything." I start, " Just out of curiosity why where you following me?"

" I just overheard the last part of your conversation with the headmaster. You seem interesting thats all." She says.

" Ah, that makes sense. I didn't kill the student who died, if you are wondering. It was a mistake."   I said I didn't really feel like describing how it happened at the moment but I just wanted to make it clear i'm not a murdering heartless being , " Anyways my name is Defiant. But feel free to call me Defy if you want." I say hand extended.

" Mistle."  she says.

" Well Mistle, not to sound like a creep but you are quite beautiful." I compliment at least one manner I didn't learn myself always compliment a lady after meeting them.

The End

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