Mitchell: AnimalsMature

 She pulled me deeper into the forest, running quickly. Suddenly, it hit me. I was running faster than her, way faster; inhumanly faster; I was a vampire. I stopped dead, not blinking or moving at all. I was a vampire.

 If I could've fainted, I would've. but I couldn't. Elena frowned,

 "Hey, are you okay, Mitchell?" she asked, walking towards me with a look of concern on her face. I didn't answer her. I just looked up at the green, moss covered trees blankly. I could tell she'd feared that something had happened to me. Well, it had, but she must've thought there was something wrong with me; like a malfunction. I decided to tell her, to give her peace of mind.

 "I...I just can't believe that I...I..."

 "That you're a vampire" She finished it for me. She rolled her purple eyes, and pulled me to a clearing in the forest. 

 "Ssh, you might  disturb them" she whispered. I frowned,

 "Disturb what?" I whispered, afraid of what I might disturb if I said it too loud.

 "Your food." She stated, pointing to a young deer eating grass. I couldn't eat that!

The End

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