Mistle - caught in the actMature

stupid dead boy!, alright i suppose that a bit over the top i mean, i should be sad that a kid has died, but i was really enjoying that P.E. lesson, and Elena is such a good player, give or take a bit competitive i giggle. I got changed quickly and left the changing rooms for the cafeteria, and ok i will admit it, despite my love for nature, i have a terrible sense of direction and yes, i got lost! i ended up walking down a rather dark corridor, i was beginning to get out my phone to call someone when i walked passed a door, the first door i had see in a while, and on the door was a sign reading headmasters office, and i heard a quite muffling inside and me being incredibly curious, i put my ear up against the door and i heard the faint ending of a conversation "..... But I assure you no other students will hit the ground dead because of my sword."  i then saw the door handle turn and quickly turned round and hid in the shadows keeping an eye on who was going to come out of that door.

Out of the door appeared a tall dark figure, its was a male, dressed in a dark black cloak, silver hair. he had the most amazing silver eyes that were hard to look at for too long, but in a good way, and he was somewhat handsome in a way that i had never seen before, my eyes fell down to a leather bound hilt, where a sword sat safely in a hold, the sword was beautiful, and i straight away new that he was a blade with the element powers of water, fire , and earth. I made a graceful leap into the shadows as he walked out, and he appeared to have not noticed me, and he began to walk down the hall, and i felt a strange erge to follow him, hoping that he was going to the cafeteria so i could find my way, and also following him just because i wanted to.

 the end of the corridor was light and i regretfully sighed a little too loud that we were at the cafeteria, he stopped still in front of me, and all of a sudden quickly whipped round, i embarrassingly let out a incredibly weak sounding "hi" and then briskly walk off into the hall, but before i could even take a step into the room i felt a firm grip on my hand and i was pulled back, i hate being so light that people can actually do that! i turned around and the Blade was staring at me with a look that i could not read, anger, annoyance i don’t have a fricking clue!

The End

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