Elena. - New Vampire.Mature

Great, just bloody great! I can't find Brett anywhere! Stupid angel guy! I start to walk over to the gates fustrated. Stupid memory loss!

I sit down by a tree and look out of the gates. Wait a sec. Someones there. No, two people are there with really pale skin. Vampires. I roll my eyes and get up. I walk over there to find out why they're here.

"Hey vamps." I say as I walk closer to the gates. They look up at me. They're quiet cute, probs because they are vampires. One of them eyes are deadly but the younger ones get bigger when he sees me. Again I roll my eyes. "Yes, I've got electric blue hair, just like your eyes." The other vampire has a thin smile on his face. 'She smells good' They both think that at the same time. "Okay, my blood smells good. I get the picture." The electric blue eyes guy looks confused. "She's telepathic." The older one informed him. I nod.

"Well, your here now and remeber what I said." And with that the older vampire runs off. I look at the younger one and tilt my head to the side. He's a new vamp. Cool! I open the gates for him and close them after he gracefully walks through.

I link my arm in his and toe him towards the woods. He'll need to feed before I let him into a school that's running with blood. "I'm Elena Summers." I say when we're in the center of the little forest. "I'm Mitchell." I giggle a little. "I know."

"What are we doing here?" He looks around, confused. "You need to feed. You need blood and I'm going to give it to you." His eyes widen as he starts to imagine drinking my blood. I laugh. "You're not going to drink my blood. You're going to drink an animals."

The End

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