Mitchell: Welcome To Your New Life...Now Get To SchoolMature

 I awoke in an alleyway, next to a huge recycling bin with a huge dent in it. I could tell what made that dent. Me.

 Last night's events suddenly came whooshing back into my new mind. I could remember it with perfect clarity.


 I walk home from a night out with the lads. Yeah, I'm too young to get drunk, but who cares? Everyone I'm with, Jordy, Jack, Daniel, Percy, Jake and Ben, leave after a while, going their own ways home.

 I come to the alleyway that I have to get through to go home. I smile. My house is only a few metres away from me now, and with a house, came safety.

 Suddenly, a shadow whips through my vision, then disappears. I frown. Who would ever, ever, go down this alley? I'm the only one who's ever brave enough.

 "Hello?" I call. "Is there anybody there?"

 I hear a noise behind me, like some sort of breathing. I turn around, and there stands a man. He has blond hair that's combed back. his eyes are a deep burgundy. He has the palest skin I've ever seen. Now, I'm not gay, or a girl, but this man was very handsome. Abnormally handsome. He looked about twenty, and had an apology in his eye.

 Everything goes black.


 What am I? What did this man do to me?

 I looked around the alleyway, and caught a glimpse of a figure leaning on the wall. It's him. Anger filled my bones, compelling me to attack him. Instinctively, I do. But one moment, I'm on one end of the alley, and I run and not even a second later, I'm at the other end, where the man is.

 I let out a feral snarl which scared even myself. But not the man. I don't think before I throw a punch at him, which had a speed of light. But he ducks. He's fast too. My punch lands on the wall, and my hole fist goes through it, as if it's butter, or something. Brick tumbles out of the hole I made, and onto the wet ground.

 "What am I?!" I shrieked, anger controlling my thoughts. But he merely laughed at my fury.

 "You're a vampire" he stated, matter-of-factly.

 "Whu-what?" I asked,  surprised. I squinted as the bright sun got in my eyes. It seemed unusually brighter that day. I looked at my watch. Eight twenty-nine.

 "We'll talk later; time to get to school" He stated.  I was in too much shock to react to him telling me I'm a vampire. I ran to school absent mindedly. He stopped me after half a second, when I was virtually already at my school.

 "Nuh uh, wrong school. You're going to Eclipsing Sun Academy, now young man." He said.

The End

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