The headmaster voice becokons me in.

" Alright from what I've heard it was accidental mr?"

" I don't have a last name."

" I see, you aren't a murderer but if you didn't run around with that."

" Its not going anywhere." I say before he gets to his point.

" Can we cast a spell to keep it  sealed?"

" No it won't work and even if it did no." I say.

" This was a mistake you Blades are so difficult race to get along with. We need to have some sort of discinplanary act parents are going to be worrying about students Defiant."  the headmast begins to pace. 

" With all respect sir. If a few certian students where not making a fuss about my sword it would never have killed the student. Now if you get such letters about worry you tell the damm parents for your damm students to stay away from me." I say calmly as I sit up.

" This world isn't centered around you." His face angering 

My hand wraps around the doorknob, " One important lesson I have learned over the years. Never trust anyone with your life. My sword is my life. Kick me out of your school if you want, but I assure you no other students will hit the ground dead because of my sword."  I say then walk out the door. 

Niether one of us we're going to budge so either I was kicked out or I stayed. Nothing less nothing more.  I walked into the cafeteria knowing full well no one was going to attempt at being my friend.  They might be better off.  Stupid bird kid why did you have crash through that window? Or why did that stupid kid cared wether or not I have a sword? I hate school.

The End

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