Wolferaine - How come?Mature

How come she couldn't remember? I jump into the air and begin flying straight up.

I mean I've heard of fallen angels losing there memory when they fall but not as big as this. This is like her whole mind has been wiped clean.

But.... Youch! She hit me. Usually she doesn't walk away.... but that was when we had wings.

It was fun fighting with her cause usually she wins against people. But not with me.... My mind being one she can't access at all even if I screamed mentally with all my strength.

No one seems to be able to read my mind. Mind shield is one way to explain it.

Anyway, Elena's being missing for about.... I don't know probably 25 years give or take a few years.

I'm not sure when she lost her memory. Hmm, time fly bys if your immortal.

I hope she remembers that part otherwise she's in for a large shock. I level out as I come through the clouds and turn to fly on my back hands behind head.

"Whats she gonna do without her memory though?" I mumble.

The End

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