Aphrodite- Lunch.Mature

P.E. was interrupted today because someone died. Some people were in shock ; they are currently in A & E. But some people didn't even care ; well neither did I but still. I'm just annoyed because it will take the attention away from me. 

Anyway, it's lunch now. I run down the stairs and navigate my way towards the dining room. I open the doors and suddenly everyone looks at me. Phew. At least that hasn't changed. I walk down the middle of the hall, past 8 long wooden tables, when I spot my friends sitting in their usual seats. "Hey babes!", Crayna shouts at me. "Hey guys.", I say back. "I'm so glad your here. The twins are pissing me off BIG time." Typical Crayna. She's always pissed off. Crayna is a shape-shifter, but she can only shift into objects that are linked to the four elements.

"APHY!", the twins say simultaneously. They are both vamps, Milly and Tilly. But I call them Mills and Tills. "We missed you so badly!", says Milly, "So, so badly!", continues Tilly. "So, so, so badly!", repeats Milly.

"OH GIVE IT A BREAK!!!!" I laugh. I'm guessing Crayna has been putting up with them for the whole day. "So, where's..." "Tawr?" Tilly buts into my sentance. "He said he wants you to meet him in the forbidden gardens tonight at 12."

"Typical Tawr." I laugh. Tawr is my boyfriend. He is amazing, he is the only one I can open up to, and he loves me for who I am, which is weird because most people (except my best friends) are only friends with me for the fame. He is always wanting to meet me outside of the buildings because he is so mysterious. Tawr is a fledgling too by the way. 

So I've pretty much mentioned all of my friends, apart from Tabby. She is sorta in detention at the moment because she snuck out and spent the whole day in Paris last friday. Tabby is my daredevil, rebilish friend. I can talk to her about anything, and she's the best one to go shopping with. I rarely see her though. But we are telepathic (it's really weird...) so I can contact her whenever

"So did anyone hear about that guy who died in P.E.?" 

Gossip time.

The End

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