Elena. - What The Hell Is Your Problem Angel-boy?Mature

Sis? Sis? "Who do you think your calling sis? I think your flying a bit too high up there mate."I yell back at a fly student. Okay, I'm pissed because I didn't get to finish my one-on-one match because so kid died! It's not fair! The angel flys down and lands in front of me, eyes wide.

I try and walk past him but he won'tlet me. I growl. "Move. Out. Of. My. Way. Angel-boy!" I say through gritted teeth, not wanting to lose it like I did with Shana. Man, that was bloody scary. And she's gonna try and kill me so that doesn't make things any better. I cross my arms frustrated. I glare at the angel in front of me. "Move it or I'll do something I'll regret." He laughs. That's right, laughs. "Good to see you haven't changed El."

I glare at him. Whodoes he think he is, flying down here and taking the mick out of the new kid? My fists are balled. "Sis, I've been looking for you for ages." He pulled meinto a tight hug. I try to push away but he's too strong. I look at him confused. Okay, this guy is mad and won't let me read his mind. He lets go of me. "Oh El..." I punch him in the face, my electricity helping me send him flying into a tree.

If he really was my brother then I would remeber. Or, at least, have wings like him.I walk off, totally pissed off at him. Great! Now I won't be able to catch up with Brett! "Elena!" The angel-boy calls after me but I keep walking.


The End

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