Wolferaine - DeathMature

Yes, she was immortal.... wait why was I sooo excited.... Neh. I was thrown into class and then suddenly turns out a kid is dead.

I jump out of my seat the teacher shouting after me. I wave a hand and no noise leaves his lips from the air not sending out his words.

I run straight to the room where someone had died. Don't ask me how I know.

I go and kneel next to the body of the dead harpie.

"What are you doing here?" the teacher shouts.

"Angel" I say then look back at the body. I put a hand to the head and mumble words to help his soul pass on.

"Hmm, I'm hungry" I say. I jump up and walt out the room everyonestaring after me.

I go to the canteen. "Can I have something to eat?" I ask. The women nods and hands over a pot of pasta.

I scoff it down, not even stopping when it burns my throat. I need to eat. I finish then go out side. I take off into the sky.

I need a break from that place. I begin to fly up then stop. I fly back down seeing the blue haired fallen angel.

I watch with curiousity. "I swear I've seen you before I call" I shout.

The girl turns and I gasp..... No.

"Sis" I say shocked and her eyes widen. I watch as memories file through her head.

The End

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