Aphrodite- It's weird.Mature

So, I was about to talk to Elena when this other girl came and butted in. What is it with all these new people??? I'm guessing this one was a nature freak or a shape-shifter or something because she was covered in butterflies. By the way I'm not being mean on purpose, it’s just the way I am. So anyways, she came and told us we were going to be late for P.E. Big woop. I'm always late. The teachers can't come down to hard on me though because I'm like daughter of Zeus ect. ect. I sarcastically replied "Thank you, I'm Aphrodite.” Pfft. Most people who know me well would understand my sarcasm, but this girl obviously didn’t, so I just walked off into the changing rooms. "Late.", the teacher called as I walked past. I snapped my fingers and was suddenly in my P.E. kit. People turned and stood mouth open. I smiled then sat on the bench and got out my phone. Gossip time!

Minutes later I get a text saying that their has been a death in the school. Oh crap. This is gonna be bad.

The End

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