I heard the girl scream and her presence on my mind lift. Serves her right. That'll teach the filthy tick to pry into other people's minds. I turned and walked towards my dorm room.

I heard Blueberry shout after me. "Hey! Hey! Don't you dare walk away from me, you have no idea what I'm capable of!" She was either a new student, or mentally deranged. I was betting it was a combination of both.

I ignored her and kept walking, but a sudden burst of electricity  shot through my body. I hadn't been expecting the sudden jolt, and I could feel my body crumple inward as the pain shook my body. I didn't cry out; I kept my jaws clenched tight and my entire body rigid. I felt my knees hit the ground.

 "You're going to tell me what I want to find out, got it?" Blueberry demanded. I could tell by her tone that she had a satisfied smirk on her face.

"Go to hell." As soon as the words left my lips, she had me immobilized. It was probably best, considering it was the only thing that keeping me in my human form. She dove into my head without a word, shuffling through my mental database of information. I hoped my memories would haunt her just as they have haunted me. The best case scenario would be for her to have many sleepless nights living out the hell I have through my memories.

My body was tensed, ready to spring as soon as she released me. I felt the heat of anger burn up from inside my chest like coals on a hot fire. The heat spread throughout the rest of my body. She was in for it now.

The moment she released me, all hell broke loose, that is if hell was a monstrous furry beast the size of a large horse. More wolf than human, both physically and mentally. In a flash I had become a four-legged beast, my clothes shredding into bits.

Shit. Those were my favorite jeans.

I was not a true wolf, as my anatomy was significantly different. My head was small in proportion to the powerful forelimbs and legs. A furious growl ripped out of my chest as I turned on Blueberry. I was acting upon instincts, acting upon anger, with limited control over my actions. My muscles tensed as I crouched, ready to spring on the blue haired bitch. I glared at her, and her expression, a mixture of shock and terror, brought forth the memory of a lost one.

Shana. Don't lose yourself in the ways of this world. Keep sight of what matters, and don't let your anger get the best of you.

The voice rang clear in my head, and for once, I was glad that I was in this form. Wolves don't cry. I gave one last glare at the Blue Bitch. Werewolves had a limited vocabulary that they could voice to others. It was a rough, low grunt, but clear enough for her to hear. "Dead."

I turned, swatting her none-too-gently with my tail, picked my bag up with my teeth, and headed off into the woods bordering the school grounds.

I was sure of one thing, that girl had messed with the wrong wolf. I didn't know what she wanted, but whatever it was, she wasn't getting it without a fight.

The End

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