Defiant: Aw................ crap!Mature

The bird kid stops breathing, and dies with an accepting face. The teaches is jaw dropped , her face showed worry , and small amounts anger at my stubborness.

" Not to be insensitive but.." I say grabbing my sword out of his chest.

The teacher looks at me in horror, I hadn't shown any emotion so far, I could tell she was also really young because she obviously has never been stained by blood and death by the look of her reaction

" Your a monster." Her voice high.

" I didn't kill him, it was an accident I wasn't expecting birdman to come flying into me!"  I point out, I look at the kid agian, " Aw crap, I hate school!" I begin to get angry as the gravity of my possesion finally slammed into me. I kept an urge to pull my blade out and carve a hole to the outside , and just run away from all this I kept it under check. I was going to face it with no fear. My anger disapears.

" What matters to you more right now you , and your weapon, or this now dead kid?" The teacher gains her strength.

" For the last time its not a weapon its the only reason I walk on this earth , if it is destroyed I die, just like this kid. Imagine if your life was tied to something and its well being means your life."  I say calmly.If no one had made a big fuss and this kid still crashed through the window my sword wouldn't be out like some bizarre work hazzard.

" Go to the headmaster , he'll sort this, and you!" The female teacher shouts obviously not able to take the stress.

" Yes , Ma'am." I say then turn.

Just one more reason to hate school no one gets me.

The End

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