Elena. - 17Mature

Okay, there's a big dude and he looks pissed coz we're late. I look sheepishly at the girl next to me, Aphrodite. She just confidently walks past they coach who rolls his eyes. 'Aphrodite, late. Looks like this year isn't going to be any different from any other year.' I shake my head, I still haven't figured out how to turn the mind reading thing off. 'New girl, late. What the hell is up with her hair? She doesn't look like the P.E type. Great.'

I look over to where the butterfly girl was standing and I started to walk over when the big dude stood in my way. "New girl. Do you know what lesson this is?" His voice is hard and his eyes icey. "My name's Elena, Coach." He raised his eyebrow. 'Great, another smart arse.' "I didn't ask for your name. This is P.E. Do you know what P.E is?" A few students giggled. I swallowed hard. "Sorry coach, but I can't remeber." The whole class (minuse a few) burst out laughing and I could feel my face grow hotter.

"If you don't know what P.E is then how do you know to call me coach?" "I can read minds." A smile plays on his lips. "Good. If you can read minds then you know what I've got planned for you, don't ya?" I nodded. He blow his whistle and my class mates got into there groups. 'You can come with us, mind reader.' I looked over at the butterfly girl,  Mistle Thaw, smiled at her and then joined her group.

"Oh no." I whispeared. "What?" Mistle asked her big green eyes fullof wonder. I open my mouth to reply when the coach pulled me next to him so I was faceing the guy who told me to stay away from him. He looked at the students and they sat down on benches. I gave a worried look to Mistle, who gave me an incourageing nod. "One-on-one. Basketball." My heart leaped. Basketball! Ohmygod, I know how to play that game! "The one who loses will stay with me for dentension." "What if we draw?" Me and the cute guy said at once. "No one will draw, you play untill the first bell. If you're drawing then, keep playing."

The coach threw the ball at me, and I caught it perfectly. He blew his whistle. I looked at my opponent. 'I'll go easy for the first few minuets coz you don't know how to play but then you're on your own doll.' I start dribbling, totally in control. 'Times up.' I smile as he come at me.

I doge him (still dribbling) and run up to my basket. I do a perfect layup and get a swish "17's back!" I whispear under my breath. I turn around and my opponent's eyes are wide. 'Wow.' He's at the side line and starts to dribble, my marking is perfect. I snatch it off of him and shoot, getting another two points. I turn around again. Everyone is opened mouthed, partly because they thought I wouldn't remeber how to play and partly because no one, and I mean no one, has ever got the ball off of the cute dude - EVER!

I laugh. "C'mon then. Your ball, lets see if you can really beat 17." I can hear Mistle cheering at my sudden cockyness and at my skills.17, that was my number and that's what my team used to call me. Team? Who are they? I can't remeber! Stupid forgetfulness!

The End

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