Mistle - Late FazingMature


Great, my first day at Eclipsing Sun Academy and I am late, I pull out my timetable in mid run, ok I have P.E. great I hope we have athletics then I can really, well not show off but, you know, well no you probably don’t know. omg I am really going to be late now and I am so far away, if only my stupid sister had not hid my bag! There is only one way i am going to be able to get to school on time, i quickly faze into the fastest land mammal the cheetah and run as fast as i can to school. Finally i see the silhouette of the academy and my four legs carry me there with great speed, i reach the gate and quickly faze into my normal form, right i have 0 minutes to get to P.E.... great!

 i run down the empty corridors and find a door with “girls changing rooms” written on it, outside are two girls one girl has Shining long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, 5'6 in height, has a blue crescent moon on her forehead, i try to work out what she is but nothing comes to mind, the other girl has Pale skin, electric blue hair that’s a bit longer then shoulder length (very choppy), a little muscular, average height and purple eyes, i can tell straight away that she is a fallen angel, i smile at them happy to see that someone else is late too, i assume its because they bumped into each other and lost track of time, i suppose i better tell them that they are going to be late.

 "hi my name is Mistle, i am sorry to interrupt you, but... you are going to be late for P.E.", they both look at me not worried that they are late for class at all, but probably more bewildered at the amount of butterflies i have all over me. "Thank you, i am Aphrodite" says the girl with the crescent moon on her forehead politely, and walks into the changing rooms. The other girl with the amazing electric blue hair smiles at me and walks into the changing rooms, and i follow her in. The P.E. teacher does not look happy and me having a family that are all about high grades and big achievements, i quickly faze into a ant and crawl passed the teacher, dodging the moving feet as i go, i go into the corner of the room and faze, and hoping that no one saw and that those two girls will not be mad at me for ditching them, i start to get ready for my first lesson.


The End

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