Defiant: This is more than a weaponMature

The repair of the door makes me feel more pain from my landing earlier, Basically magic comes at a cost of connection to my sword. I can't die from it but I can drain it to the point I can't move.  I begin to walk when of course everyschool has some sorta hall monitoring student who likes to show control over things. Basically in my opinion for the school staff to not be directly bullying childern.

" Please give me your weapon!" This tall , spindly kid with Arrogant blond hair says he stood a foot taller than me.

" No , if you have any further complaint talk to a teacher."  I say hoping this is the final sentence of this confrontation, but it doesn't the  kid trys to forcebally remove my sword from my back but I side stepp in time , and place a foot on his chest.

" I wouldn't touch me or my weapon." I warn. 

The kid  disapers , and I feel wieght on my shoulders , and yanks the sword off my back.  The , and my sword sink below the floor when he lands.

" What the? How can you carry this thing?" He says as I just take it out of the small crater in the floor.

" If you actually knew what I'am you would understand this is more than a weapon, and you would also know how much it tweaks me when an idiot like you does that."

Then behind me a teacher starts with the same thing.

" Of for the love of....... I'm a Blade this is my life force."

The End

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