I’m Aphrodite. Daughter of Athena.  I board at Eclipsing Sun Academy because my mother decided to leave me here. She was supposed to pick me up after my first year...but I’ve been here 3 years now so I have lost all trace of hope. My first day here, I sat in my dorm and cried because I had never been alone before. I’m an only child, so get spoiled all the time. I wasn’t used to being alone. But I’m fine now; I am the most popular girl in the school.

But anyway, I've been watching Elena for about...well I don't know...10 minutes? However long ago it was that she started talking to that guy. He leaves her and strolls into the changing rooms. She stares after him for a while. I realise, she must be the new girl. I did see her earlier, she was shouting at Shana Diggory. She has guts.

I approach her slowly and casually flick my long blonde hair over my shoulder. “Hi.” I smile at her.

The End

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