Elena. - Ohmygod!Mature

Great, my first day of school and I've threatend someone and bumped itno someone. I wonder who I bumped into? I lookup through my choppy, electric blue, hair.

Ohmygod, he's cute! Really, really, cute! He extends his hand, I take. I know I'm blushing as he helps me to my feet. How is this guy with midnight blue eyes? "Seems like you like falling a lot. Are you alright?" I can see the amusement in his beautiful eys and his inviting lips. I swallow hard, my mouth is suddenly dry. I know he's waiting for an answer but I can't find my voice, I'm just staring at him.

He must think I'm a right weirdo. Well I might be, I dunno. Wait a sec. I don't know what he's thinking. I don't know what he is thinking! That's strange, I always know what everyone is thinking. "I..I...I can't hear your thoughts." I know I've just made a complete fool out of myself for stuttering but I'm too confused to care.

He starts laughing. He's got a amazing laugh. "My power is shield, mentally and physically. What you got first?" Wow, he's got a wow cool power. All I can do is talk to people through minds and control electricity, his power is so much better. "I've got P.E." My eyebrows start to knit together. What's P.E? The guy in front of me can see I'm confused.

"Don't know what P.E is?" I shake my head, making him laugh even more. He put a hand on my back and starts leading me towards the gym. "All you've got to know is, stay away from me." His eyes were serious and I know he doesn't mean just in P.E.

I sensed it as soon as I bumped into him but I didn't think anything of it. But now, with his strong hand on my back, I can see visions of his past. I can see all the terrible things he has done. He's killed so many innocent people; he's dangerous. One vision stands out from the rest. It's me. I'm sitting on a bench with my head leaning against his chest. This isn't a memory, I can feel that much.

This is a vision of the future. In the vision, the guy that I'm sitting with me grunts with pain. My face is full of horror. The vision me knows what's going to happen, he pushes vision me away from him as he starts to shake violently and... and... it's gone.

Back to present day, we are standing right out side the gym face to face. It's clear to me that he didn't see any of that and it's also clear to me where those visions came from; his hand on me. He looks me deeply in my eyes and leans forward. Our lips are inches apart, he groans a little, but he still doesn't pull away. "Shame, I would love if we could stand like this, but as I said. I'm dangerous." His lips were just about to touch mine but he quickly pulled away and walks off inside the gym, dissappearing into the guys changing rooms.

Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmyfuckinggod!

The End

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