Wolferaine - My PleasureMature

"Well it is my pleasure to help such a beautiful lady" I say nodding and slightly bowing. She blushes and I can't help but smile, even though I know this will just push it on.

"I believe that it is time to go to class.... Where are you?" I ask.

"Um..." she mumbles. I flick a hand all her books coming up from the floor to float between us in a neat pile.

She takes off her bag then shoves them into her bag. "Thanks again, I have History in 134" She says looking at a sheet she's plucked from her bag.

"Then we may walk together since we are in the same class" I say smiling.

She smiles back but also blushes which I'm starting to find cute. But I also she the fierce temper behind her eyes. So pulling.... So tempting.

I shake the thoughts from my head. "Shall we go then?" I ask.

She nods and we begins to walk down the hall. I remain quiet and I know the silence seems awkward but I need to distance myself.

I need to know a few things about a person before I get close.

"So what type of creature may you be?" I ask.

"I'm sort of personification of the four seasons" she explains and I notice she moves her hands as she talks. "I don't have to ask you. You're an angel its so obvious with those wings large as life"

I smile then we hit the topic I'm dreading. If she says 'yes' I can't be close to her at all no friendship nothing. If she says 'no' we can be friends or anything.

"So are you Mortal?"

The End

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