Defiant: FallingMature

The the Griffins which my parents had payed to escort me too school because of like my name, defied school. So now I hang between two griffins. I had given up struggling an hour ago , and enjoyed the landscape below.  I could the school up ahead becoming less of a silhouette, The Griffins stopped above the school , and relased me. Yes! Now I can move my arms to scratch my back.  As I do so I notice my sword is slipping away from its sheath. I quickly bring my feet towards the ground.

The one thing that matters to a blade the most is the sword that they are connected too. It a symbiotic relationship, A blade will die if his blades is utterlydestroyed into nothingness but thats hard to do. Even if it is hard to destroy the sword, A blade always makes sure his blade never leaves his side or back.  Otherwise being a blade is great the only way to die is if the Blades sword is utterely distroyed, and the sword also usually has three different abilities , powers or control over something. Mine is has earth fire , and water.  I land hard onto the ground , my legs absorbing the impact but it did hurt a fair bit.  I put my hand on the hilt of my blade It always made feel more comfortable when I did this.

" Day one of hell." I mutter , and open the front doors a little two quickly ripping them off there hinges. I wave my left hand and they repair. I had magic but its not the same for a Blade its got its own twist.

The End

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