Autumn- This is why I hate vampsMature

I throw the mud pellet at the tree. Due to my bad luck and equally bad aim, it hits a vampire by mistake. She spins round, growling, her eyes going from a delicate light blue to a deep angry red.

"Why you throwing mud at me, bitch?" she snarls. Suddenly she's in front of me, as are about ten other vampires, each of them with glowing red eyes and curled back lips revealing two inch fangs. I've not had much experience of vamps, mainly because I tend to be fighting them, but I'll say two inches is pretty long. I'm surrounded. Time to fight.

Ten of them stand back, leaving the me and one with mud on her top in the middle of a circle. She lunges at me. By most rules she would win. But I don't play my the rules. My darkly tanned skin lightens a little and my eyes turn brown in an instant. My normal appearance balances all four seasons so I can use all of my powers, though not as well. My primary power as Autumn is air, which I use to land myself in a tree and hang my shoulder bag on a branch. Then I quickly convert to Winter, my appearance changing to pale silver hair, ice blue eyes and snow pale skin. If I ever want to go unseen among vamps then I generally use this appearance, it's the most similar to theirs. My primary powers as Winter are snow, ice and water, so I start firing all I've got at them.

I don't even consider that they might be gifted. But damn they are. With psychic powers, nothing specific. An unseen force pulls me down from the branch, even as I revert back to Autumn, then Spring then Summer and back to Autumn again. I struggle against them and finally I win. I grab my bag off the branch, hit the ground and run. This is why I hate vamps, if they want something they don't let go easily. I run round the corner and whack right into someone. I unconsciously switch to Spring- best for defence, my eyes going a light green and my hair goes streaks of pale pink, light purple and sky blue. I didn't put my bag back on properly so it goes flying, books scattering across the floor. I almost fall but whoever I ran into grabs my wrist and pulls me upright.

"Are you okay?" he asks. I look at him properly and see his wings folded at his back. Angel.

"I- I'm okay, thanks. If okay means being stalked by vamps who want to kill you because you got mud on one of their tops. My names Autumn," I say, shakily.

"Wolferaine. Would you like me to deal with them if they annoy you again?" he says.

"Uh... yes please," I reply, staying as Spring in case the vamps are near.

The End

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