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Ouch! She, she, threw a lod of pain rushing at me. That's not fair! What did I ever do to her? I'm not going to let her get away! Not when she might know about my past!

"Hey! Hey! Don't you dare walk away from me, you have no idea what I'm capable of!" Well the truth is, neither do I but I'm not gonna let her know that! She's still walking. Anger is filling my body, my soul. That's it! I've had it with people ignoring me! I'm gonna make myself heard no matter how tall they are!

I send waves electricity towards her, stopping her in her tracks. "You're going to tell me what I want to find out; got it?" I say through gritted teeth. Her face is full of complete shock, a delicate smile touches my lips. Now I've got her. "Got it?" She has no need to nod I can tell she does from her mind. I'm scanning through it, looking to see if I'm in there. Memories are rushing around until, there! There it is!

I'm looking at the memory through Shana's eyes. It'sjust a glimpse of me in a tree. She's with someone and they're laughing. Whats her name? Cindy. Who's... oh. I let her go. My purple eyes are wide. She glares at me, wanting to fight back but knowing that it'll be a lost cause. "Shana, I'm so sorry." She just growls and walks off, not looking back. I turn around, god I hate this sometimes.

I look down at the ground and start walking into the school. I've only taken a couple of steps and I go bumping into someone. I'm on the floor, god I hate being small. I can feel my face going red. This must be embarrassment, I don't really like this emotion.

The End

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